My experimentation with R.

screenshot of crashsa Shiny app

South Australia road accidents data explorer

Shiny app to explore South Australia’s road accidents data. See details at

Cropping calendar Shiny app

An app to visualize key dates for various crops using the Cropping Calendar data-set. Once you make a selection of the region using drop-down menus, the calendar will be displayed. Live demo at View code at

Unleashed / Govhack 2015 entry: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Group project for 2015 Unleashed SA Adelaide event.  Team: Data Dingoes Young Australians are often faced with the big decision whether to stay in the city they were raised in, or move interstate for employment opportunities or to be with a loved one. It’s a big life decision. But how do you decide? Should I … Continue reading Unleashed / Govhack 2015 entry: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Nepal quake dashboard

This is a simple implementation of Shiny dashboard to explore the Nepal earthquake data. The earthquake data used here is NOT real-time. The records were downloaded from USGS website (csv format) and placed in the data folder. To filter the quakes in the vicinity of Nepal, only the quakes within the bounding box of Nepal … Continue reading Nepal quake dashboard

Visualizing Australia inter-state migration

As a follow-up to world migration visualization, I used 2011 Australian census data to visualize the inter-state migration. I experimented with different styles to connect origin and destination points. It is easier to visualize the direction of movement using sine wave connector lines as outgoing and incoming will be on opposite directions. Github repo:

Rainfall visualization

Github repo:

Visualizing international migration

A shiny app for visualizing international migration flows to and from a region using UN migrants stock data. Try the app at A brief documentation is available at

Google location history visualization

I use my location history collected by google and myTracks to visualize where I’ve been using R. Github repo: