Unleashed / Govhack 2016 entry: R U Open

RU Open
Our group, Bob’ gang submitted four entries for 2016 Unleashed Open Data event at Adelaide. R U Open was one of the app idea we pitched. It is an augmented reality app to locate services around you that are open.

Our aim is to help a user find food and entertainment services in the immediate vicinity. The heart of the service is an Augmented Reality (AR) app which would use business and dining permits datasets (we have used Outdoor dining permits – Adelaide City Council found at data.sa.gov.au for proof-of-concept) to determine which business locations are open at the time the app is being used in the user’s immediate vicinity.

The app would also allow relevant businesses to subscribe and provide information on menu and current campaigns (e.g. special offers) which can be displayed when the user taps on the marker designating the business location on the AR app.

Details: R U Open github page